What a Sweet Label…

What a Sweet Label


The concept originated in 1996 when New Zealand’s first company specializing in Manuka honey was conceived.  This started by using Manuka honey’s unique healing properties in medical dressings. In 2012 a joint long-term venture with Maori landowners created a partnership and a new processing plant was built.  New Zealand Manuka Group now sells products around the world and has a wide range of diversified products.


The design required a number of elements to be combined into one final label.  This included strong bright images, metallic elements and small text over subtle backgrounds.  There were also a number of labels in the range with different graphics and a combination of wrap and lid labels which all needed to be kept consistent.


There were a number of questions which we needed to answer on receiving the artworks which included deciding on a suitable shade of bronze and looking at some very small text on the side panels to make sure it was legible.

Within a short space of time we produced a number of options for the customer to look at and start to answer some of the questions and update artworks.  Our new Domino press proved to be perfect for this job and showed off what could be achieved with a complicated design incorporating so many different potential pitfalls.

The final labels were extremely well received by the customer – sweet success!