Peel and Read Labelling

Ideal for when you need to have larger instructions / directions or ingredients

Reel Label Solutions - Peel and Read Labels


Especially useful for products that require instructions for use (such as medicine bottles, aerosol cans or chemical containers), our peel and read label solutions allow a lot of information to be conveyed in a small space without sacrificing design quality, brand integrity or on-shelf presence.

Don’t fill up your label design with small print and technical details – hide them on the label’s reverse for the end user to ‘peel and read’.

We produce labels for:

  • Medicine Bottle Labels
  • Spray Can Labels
  • Aerosol Labels
  • Chemical Labels

Remember – your peel and read label is often the first part of your brand your customer sees. It has to be perfect!

For all your digital label needs speak to Reel Label Solutions. Also read more about peel and read labels in our blog.