Many of our customers have been using Reel Label Solutions’ digital print for a long time, so they’re already up to speed on the benefits our processes offer. But if you’re new to the market, perhaps launching a new startup with labelling requirements, maybe just moving away from your incumbent supplier, or re-branding and don’t fancy origination and plate costs – you may like to know a little more about why digital label printing is right for your business.


Short Run
The most obvious reason people select digital print for their labels is cost. Due to economies of scale and the way different printing equipment works, it’s simply not cost-effective to use alternate print methods such as flexographic and silkscreen, if your label demand is in the hundreds or low thousands. With digital, you get a great per-unit cost regardless of order requirement; with no plate costs you can change your designs easily and cost-effectively.  If you have lots of designs then batching these together can further reduce your unit costs significantly.


You can’t beat digital for speed. A print run can be handled in a day, and we regularly turn around from order to delivery within the same week. When your product is sitting in a warehouse waiting to be sold, time matters.

Send your artwork one day and you can receive an actual printed sample the next, that you know will match the final production run.


There may be some in the world of label printing who will try to convince you that digital can’t produce the level of quality and prestige that your brand demands. Poppycock, we say. There’s no way so many brewers, medicine firms and electronics suppliers – small and large businesses alike – would continue to use Reel Label Solutions’ digital process for as long as they have if the quality wasn’t 100%. With our in-house finishing equipment we’re not limited by size or shape, and helping to fulfil your creative vision is really what we’re all about.


In summary:

  • Small quantity
  • Multiple SKU’s / sorts
  • Frequent artwork changes – no plate costs
  • Quick turnaround
  • Bright, bold colours
  • Lightfast inks
  • Opaque whites (for clear labels) – one of the best print processes for this
  • Can be combined with different effect finishes (matt/rough matt/gloss)

At Reel Label Solutions we’ve been printing labels for 15 years, serving industries as varied as food and drink, pharmaceutical, chemical and cosmetics. Our South Wales facility can supply anywhere in the UK and is home to two market-leading Jetrion digital presses from EFI, in addition to our flexo setup.