Any regular followers of this blog will know that we’ve not been shy about trumpeting the clear benefits of digital label printing; it’s the perfect solution for many smaller manufacturers and distributors, offering great value for short runs such as one-off product ranges, market tests and for products with frequent or seasonal variations that need to be reflected in the labelling.

But at Reel Label Solutions there’s more than just digital label printing. We also have a full-blown ‘traditional’ flexographic set up with in-line finishing that can produce incredible results. Just in case you missed our recent infographic, allow us to explain: the process of flexographically printing labels demands that a set of plates be set up before the job starts to run, meaning regular artwork changes or short runs can be relatively costly.

What we find, however, is that many customers up-scale production at some point – either they’ve been market testing various label types, or even varieties of products, or perhaps they’ve simply started enjoying more commercial success. Our in-house team of print experts and designers make the process incredibly simple, allowing production to be ramped up to flexographic levels (a process which, once the plates are ready, is incredibly fast at producing high-quality labels).

Another commonly-sought advantage is the way flexographic printing handles colours. If your brand has a specific Pantone reference associated with it, then our flexo setup can replicate it perfectly, ensuring you’re not only adhering to your brand but that each print run will be identical – that way products on the shelf will always look the same as each other.

In addition, flexo gives us access to some really attractive finishes for labels, such as cold foiling which we can run in-line as part of the label printing process. It’s the perfect way to make a statement with your labels and it’s probably more economical than you think – just ask us for a quote! We also offer special effect varnishes, lamination, back slitting and perforation.