Risbury Rapeseed Oil is a brand of cold-pressed rapeseed oil that offers home cooks a real alternative to

conventional cooking oils. Ideal for frying, roasting and baking, the oil and can also be used raw in salad dressings and the like, rapeseed oil has health benefits and is a truly local product (as the label says: grown, pressed and bottled in Herefordshire).



The client realised its product could be considered a healthy alternative to big brands and as such wanted to ensure its bottle label fully captured the look and feel of a product that stands out from the crowd, with a more homegrown, health-focused and crafted theme.

As such Reel Labels was challenged with offering a printed label that had a physical textured feel to it, offering real presence both on the shelf and in the hand.


The Reel Labels solution

We supplied a number of digitally printed options to Risbury Rapeseed Oil, to show not only a range of standard paper substrates but also some more premium rustic-style materials. This was combined with a selection of finishes and varnishes which included a matt, gloss and rough matt finish. In this way we were able to supply the customer with a large number of sample adhesive labels which could actually be placed onto the product bottles to help them make the final decision.

After these samples were reviewed in-house the customer selected a white PP material for durability, but with a rustic digitally-printed background effect to emulate coarse paper. A rough touch matt varnish was then applied to finish the look and give the textured feel that was required.

The end product proved popular with Risbury Rapeseed Oil’s customers, with social media comments including: “amazing looking labels” and “look beautiful” while they posted on their own social media “exciting news, our labels have arrived! Thank you Reel, really chuffed to get our first order.”