If you’re in the chemicals manufacturing or distribution industry – supplying consumers, industry or education – you’ll know that the labelling on your products isn’t something to be taken lightly. A great many chemicals are potentially harmful; be they irritant, contaminant, poisonous or corrosive in even the smallest ways, the people who manufacture, bottle, transport, store, sell and use them MUST be aware of the risks.

Even when the chemical in question is not especially hazardous, it’s still important that it can be identified in the days, weeks and often years following its manufacture – dribbles and spills can’t be allowed to cause labels to peel off and leave users unsure of what’s inside or what it can do.

Digital labels are often the ideal choice as they permit easier artwork changes than flexographic print which requires new plates to be manufactured (legislation is constantly changing so our in-house design studio is a very useful resource for our customers).

At Reel Label Solutions we supply a range of high-quality labels that are ideal for use in the chemicals industry: if you have complex instructions you want to hide from the front of your label, you can choose our ‘peel and read’ option; and our vibrant digital label process will create incredible-looking packaging if you need your product to stand out on retail shelves.

Above all what we offer is durability – our labels are manufactured specifically to last on your product, with excellent lightfastness minimising fading as well as peeling or turning into sticky goo.

So while safety will always be your priority, we want to assure you that quality will always be ours.

To find out more about how hazardous materials must be labelled, check out the HSE website.

We can offer:

  • Product branding labels
  • Ingredients labels
  • Warning / hazards labels
  • Instructions labels
  • And more…