Hodgetts is a small family firm based in Worcester that specialises in the making of exquisite cheeses and relishes.

As the business was growing along with its product ranges, it decided it was time to up the ante from a packaging point of view, improving the visual flair of its products in order to attract more buyers to shop shelves and cheese counters across the land.



The new range of delicious flavoured cheeses from Hodgetts is bold and stand-out (including such treats as Ale & Mustard or Fig & Honey), and it was important to the company that the packaging told that story from the first glance.

In practise this means strong, bold, positive colours with real vibrancy, contrasting with rich dense blacks.

Sometimes printing different images or colours isn’t enough, however. It’s the special finishes that Reel Label Solutions can bring to a project that make all the difference.


The Reel Labels Solution

Our in-house equipment gives us more label production options than many customers even realise are possible. In this instance we added a mixture of matt, textured and high gloss finishes to enhance both the look and the physical feel of the final label.

We were able to take advantage of our digital print systems to provide printed label proofs for the customer to sample in-situ on cheese packets, before deciding which avenue to go down. This process also allows for simple step-up to mass production via flexographic label print if required.

Our digital inkjet process really comes into its own here and allowed the strong designs to jump out in the glossy areas of the label, with a super textured matt varnish applied to other areas in order to compliment the black print. The end result is seriously striking and really brings home the diversity of effects that can be achieved by mixing and matching different forms of digital label print and finishing processes.