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We’re in the business of running a business. If you’re in that position too, you know how complex it can get – you manage the overheads, you keep your staff happy, you look out for the latest in processes and technology to ensure you are at the cutting edge, you pay the rent on your premises and maintain your equipment, you ensure your tax records are up to date, you keep on top of your sustainability procedures, you do the day-to-day work of producing whatever service or product it is that you actually sell and you manage your marketing so that people know about it. That’s just scratching the surface of what’s involved but to us it all takes second place to our primary responsibility – customer satisfaction.

We live in an age where customer complaints are no longer private matters; social media has seen to that. So any business has to up its game, be on the ball to deal with any negative feelings promptly and appropriately. It’s something we’ve certainly embraced at Reel Label Solutions. We don’t shy away for our customers’ opinions – if there’s an issue, we’ll address it immediately and ensure we’re doing the right thing by our clients who have their own busy companies to run. We’ll take feedback privately in person, on the phone and on email, but we encourage all our customers to go public with what they have to say on social media – good or bad.

That’s why we want – we need – clear feedback from our customers. It’s why we publish testimonials on our own website and it’s why we want people to review our service levels and our products via social media (Facebook or Google) or simple word of mouth. Referrals are a key aspect of our sales process (see just how important here) and we all know that – unfortunately – an unsatisfied customer may be more inclined to talk about their experience with friends and colleagues than a satisfied one.

Repeat business and word-of-mouth referrals are how we make our living, and they simply wouldn’t happen if we didn’t have satisfied customers. So come on – let us (and the world at large) know what you think of Reel Label Solutions.


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