Celtic Marches – New 330ml pack size for best-selling ciders

Celtic Marches – New 330ml pack size for best – selling ciders


Celtic Marches produce authentic quality Herefordshire cider on their family farm in Bishops Frome.  Their ciders were developed based on girl’s names with character and personality to match their individual style and flavour and established their style of branding based on a love of vintage. Recently awarded PGI – Protected Geographical Indicator – which authenticates their ciders are genuine Herefordshire ciders made from Herefordshire cider apples. 


With the introduction of the new pack size of 330ml bottles for their best-selling ciders, Slack Alice, Thundering Molly and Lily the Pink, which were initially developed for the export market, Celtic Marches were launching the new pack size to both the On and Off Trade market. Timing was key to get the labels resized and in place ready for the first shipment.


Our in-house studio at Reel Label Solutions quickly resized artwork to fit the new bottle size and made all the necessary legal changes required.  Within a matter of hours we were able to get to press and start the print run. We pride ourselves in how reactive we are to customer requirements and this was a typical example of how we demonstrate that.

Customer quote ‘The Reel Label Solutions team delivered labels for the bottling run against the odds. The bottling run was on a Thursday morning and if delayed the bottling would be put back a month so time was of the essence.  On the Wednesday morning they still hadn’t received the correct cutter so with determination and being the type of company which enjoys a challenge they arranged for the existing equipment to be adapted, produced the labels, and they were delivered on the Thursday morning.’