Client: Woodhall’s Brewery, England



The West Midlands’ Woodhall’s Brewery approached Reel Label Solutions with a desire to make a real impact with its new Wizard’s Sleeve cider variety.

The company specialises in craft beverages, with Woodhall’s latest being described as a “well rounded genuine golden craft cider” made entirely from Herefordshire apples. The company wanted to show off the fact that it’s beverage was GPI-certified and also make a bold statement with the drink’s eye-catching name and branding.



It was decided that a metallic finish was desired to really make the bottles’ labels pop, making an impression on supermarket shelves and behind bars alike. Such printing processes can be problematic for label printers, especially when digital print is the desired way forward (on account of its suitability for medium volume print runs and responsive turnaround times).

The challenge was to create a bold digital label to be fixed to the glass bottles that would survive bottling, transport and shelf life.


The Reel Labels solution:

Our digital label printing offers all the benefits you’d expect from digital print – fast turnaround, great pricing for small-medium print runs, vibrant colours, durable lightfast inks etc. But more than that we have a whole suite of clever tricks to make our customers’ digital labels really stand out.

The Reel Label Solutions’ design team worked closely with the brewery to produce a number of concepts which concentrated on different metallic colours, opaque whites and various shapes to come up with a truly stand-out label.

Our inkjet white is super opaque, allowing metallised silver polypropylene to be used, showing through only in the areas where a metallic finish was required.  We then tested different options of transparent four colour process in order to nail the perfect shade of gold that was right for the brand.

Once the samples had met with the brewery’s approval we were able to scale up production, meeting the launch date for the new cider. Our recent investment in digital finishing equipment is ideally suited to this type of medium-volume work.