Reel Label Solutions’ policy of guiding and advising customers before initiating a print run has come in handy yet again, with Bathing Beauty’s natural cosmetics range the beneficiary.

Reel supplied a number of printed proofs to the client, with differing varnish finishes to ensure that the packaging matched the desired look and feel of the product (which uses no parabens, sulphates, or fragrance oils).

“Reel would much rather take some time to ensure the best result and a satisfied customer,” explains Sales Director Jonathan Wright. “Some competitors would simply have printed the labels off-spec but we spoke with the customer and learned their requirements. We got a feel for the product they were selling and the market they were selling to; in this way we managed to absolutely nail the correct finish for the printed labels.”

The founder of Bathing Beauty, George Jones, was so happy with the cosmetic labels that she sent a message of thanks: “Just a quick email to say how delighted I am with your labels and prompt ‘can do’ attitude. Looking forward to you producing all our future labels.”