If your product is supplied without extra packaging, for example a bottle without a box, then it’s incredibly important that its look isn’t compromised by boring details like instructions or ingredients. We find our customers in pharmaceuticals or chemicals industries find this especially frustrating – their lovely-looking bottles, containers and tubes are ruined by acres of small print that they’re obliged to include.

So, that’s the problem. What’s the answer?

‘Peel and read’ labels, that’s what! Also sometimes referred to as ‘peel and reveal’, these are labels that are printed in a way that allows us to fold them over and secure them with a low-tack adhesive. So the front of the label – the part initially visible – can contain all the fun branding stuff, while the small print can be hidden away; revealed when the end user peels back the label and reads what’s inside.

You may have seen similar labels on medicine bottles such as children’s paracetamol, but as far as we’re concerned there are no limits.

Cosmetics labels, electronics labels, heck even beer bottles – why not apply ‘peel and read’ labels to any product and take advantage of all the new space opened up for branding and promotion.

Our ‘peel and read’ labels are entirely re-useable and won’t go loose or floppy over time despite multiple peels and re-seals, and customers will find there are no compromises in terms of colour vibrancy or text/image definition. A ‘peel and read label’ is just like one of our regular labels, only it’s packed with information, Ts & Cs, guidelines, standards, ingredients, instructions, supplier or re-order information and the like!