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Anarchy Brewery, Northumberland



Anarchy is among the most prominent of the UK’s new wave of craft breweries, with its Sublime Chaos product winning the Best Stout in UK & Europe for 2015 from the World Beer Awards.



Anarchy uses digitally-printed labels for its glass beer bottles, as they are ideal for bottle label short print runs with quick turnarounds timed to align with Anarchy’s beer batch production. Unfortunately the company suffered an inconvenience with its incumbent supplier leading to an unacceptable delay, and had ongoing issues with the quality of print supplied not matching its high standards.


The Reel Label solution:

The brewery approached Reel Label Solutions in its quest for a new bottle label supplier, giving us the opportunity to prove our quality and service. In a matter of days we were able to supply a set of printed label samples to show the fidelity of our in-house digital presses, as well as numerous options for printed material (such as matt, gloss or rough finish).

Anarchy was more than happy with the quality of the printed samples and selected the material that was suitable for their desired brand identity, with Reel Label Solutions able to deliver its initial trial order within a week.

This one-off test order led to a further mass production order (delivered ahead of estimate) which delighted the customer and formed the foundation of a lasting relationship, with Reel Label Solutions now supplying all its beer bottle labels.

Reel Label Solutions’ digital beer bottle labels are able to withstand packing and transport, as well as the condensation that forms on the bottles when stored in bars and retail environments. The printed colours are vibrant and the image quality is high-resolution. Above all, Anarchy appreciated Reel’s supportive attitude and fast, flexible printing service.