If you’re making electronics – be they large batteries, components, automotive, industrial or consumer products – you’ll know that gunky, melting exterior labels are the last thing you want to have to deal with.

Obscured part designations or barcodes make life more difficult for end users ordering replacement parts, and unattractive or peeling labels won’t help your products make the right impression on the shelf.

But it’s not just the end user that wants to see a pristine electronics label. For producers there’s the cost and convenience factor to consider. Electronics often involve multiple products in a range, which means multiple label sorts. With flexographic label printing, each new sort needs a new plate to be set up, adding to cost and production time. That’s why we’d always recommend digital label print to the majority of our customers in this sector; it’s ideal for short-run jobs or where there are many artwork versions.

We offer a range of high-spec materials (such as those designed to withstand extreme temperatures) and we tend to over-laminate extensively to protect the print. The inks we use are among the best available on the market, offering unbeatable lightfastness so they won’t fade over time – making them ideal for electronic components which may end up sitting in a machine (or warehouse shelf) for some time.

Our electronics labels are suitable for either electronics packaging or fixing directly onto the products themselves (e.g. warning labels, instruction stickers, voltage/wattage information). Regardless of your application, just get in touch and see how our designers and print specialists can come up with the ideal solution.