A Piggin’ Result.

Snaffling Pig was launched with just £500 and a mission to celebrate the humble porker and create a pork-snack based business. They set out to make the finest, most flavoursome pork crackling possible and quickly received nine Great Taste Awards.
The business was soon booming with additional products being added to the core range and moving into complimentary markets such as beer and cider.

Reel Labels had produced the initial beer label although the design needed to be brought up to date and also inline with the rest of the brand.

We were again able to draw on our experience to offer a few ideas on how to really make the label stand out and also keep brand continuity. Our digital inkjet process allowed us to print a really nice dense black while still holding a crisp and sharp white reversal of text. The yellow background was bright and clean to make sure this was a bottle that stood out from the rest of the pigs on the block.