Reel Labels Shows How It Can Be Printed

Reel Labels Shows How It Can Be Printed


Celtic Marches are on trend with the latest 330ml cans as craft cider continues to hold its ground in the ever-changing market.  As with the craft beer market raising the profile of cans, cider is swiftly moving in the same direction.

All apples for Celtic Marches ciders are taken from their 200 acre orchards on the family farm with full control over production from tree to glass.  They offer a mix of packaging from bottles, BIBs and kegs so canning was the next step.


Reel Labels already produce the full range of labels for bottles and bag-in-box for Celtic Marches although it needed some careful tweaks to artwork to achieve the desired result on a 330ml can. The label needed to seamlessly blend into the can and give the appearance of a pre-printed can but without the cost and MOQ’s.  Continuity of design and branding was also a priority.


The labels currently printed in the range use a standard white PP substrate although this was not an option for the cans.  After testing designs on both clear and silver substrates with different options of tints to blend the design a solution was quickly identified. 

Our digital inkjet white allowed a silver substrate to be used.  The high opaqueness allowed the deigns to be overprinted and match the current labels in the range.  This also allowed for the underpinned white to have a vignette around the edge and the design overprinted to allow the whole thing to blend into the can – see it can be done!

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