We help Odyssey on their journey.

Odyssey Brew Co say ‘Cheers to Reel Label Solutions’


Odyssey Brew Co is a family run brewery based on the beautiful, inspiring Brockhampton National Trust Estate in the heart of rural Herefordshire.

They do not sell beers to supermarkets or large pub companies and prefer to support independent retailers, bars and pubs.  Odyssey follow a simple mantra – product before profit because its what’s inside that counts.

The focus is on small batches of truly tasty beer which is packaged alive and is unfined, unfiltered and naturally hazy – it testes, smells and feels better that way.


The beer had been brewed and the labels were needed within 1 week. In addition to this the new artworks required some amendments before proofing back to the customer.  It was a case of turning things around very quickly although ensuring nothing was missed and quality was not compromised.


The in-house studio at Reel Labels again managed to work on the artwork immediately and make the changes required, this was proofed back to the customer within hours.  The usual quality checks and procedures were not compromised with things such as date and batch coding double checked prior to proofing.  A last minute text change was also not an issue to make sure the labels were 100% correct.

Customer quote ‘How refreshing to deal with a company that really knows what it is doing.  It makes my life so much easier’.