Domino Digital Printing Press

Our Domino is 1 years old

A year has flown by and it seems like only yesterday when our Domino N610i was being installed.  Since then its been a quiet transition of existing work across to the new machine from our older Jetrion presses in combination with a raft of new work being printed.

We have seen an amazing leap forward in the quality that we can now print with very fine text and font sizes easily being printed and the range of settings that we have at our disposal means anything is possible.  The speed of the Domino press is immense and some jobs are now running at 70m/min meaning our efficiencies have gone through the roof.

We are also finding that the Domino can print on a larger range of substrates with built in anti-static and chilled rollers helping with certain liners and thinner grades.

As we move through 2020 we are sure that we will see further success with the new press and the benefits that it brings.