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Cosmetics Labels

Cosmetics Labels - Reel Label Solutions


Reel Label Solutions is a major supplier of self adhesive cosmetics labels to the cosmetics, hair care and beauty products industries as well as numerous associated sectors. We supply to all and every size of business, whether you are a startup company working from home or a larger established multi-site manufacturer. Cosmetics labels present their own unique challenges due to the extremely high quality of print and finishing required, and the need to offer a lasting label that won’t be affected by spills and smudges. Additionally, regulations demand that the legislative copy is required on the cosmetic labels – and that demand is always increasing, leading to the growing popularity of our multi-layer peel and reveal labels.

A cosmetic label that tells your customer what they’re getting. A label that has the glamour and aspirational values reflected in your brand. A label that will look just as good in your customer’s cosmetics bag as it did the day it was printed.

If yours is a product range that frequently changes (for example with seasonal scents), we would highly recommend digital label print as the way forward, with quick turnaround times and virtually no setup costs.

That’s what you’ll get if you select Reel Label Solutions for your cosmetic product branding; even if the bottling facility suffers from product transfer, you can be assured of a wipe-clean, sharp finish to your products.

We produce labels for:

  • Mascara Labels
  • Lipstick Labels
  • Make-up Package Labels
  • Hair Care Product Labels
  • Perfume Bottle Labels
  • Pet Care Product Labels
  • Foundation Labels
  • Eyeliner Labels

Remember – your cosmetics label is often the first part of your brand your customer sees. It has to be perfect!

For all your digital label needs speak to Reel Label Solutions.

Read more about the Reel Labels take on cosmetics labels here. Excerpt: “To make an impression on the shelf, these products – whether they come in tubs, tubes, pots or bottles, and whether they be lotions, shampoos or skin creams – need to feature labelling that stands out, that tells the right story and lets customers know what to expect inside.”