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Artwork Guidelines

Guidelines for producing print-ready digital files.


AI, EPS, PDF - Adobe Illustrator
PDF - Adobe PDF
Graphics and text designs ( any non-photographic content ) are best
submitted as vector based PDF native AI or EPS files.
This will ensure your lines and text are nice and crisp. If you upload
bitmap-based content (JPEGs or PNGs), there may be some fuzziness
around your text. Check links, embed images.


300ppi/dpi - is the preferred resolution. If you are supplying photography or non-vector artwork ( e.g. JPEGs, PNG,TIFF ), please make sure they are no less than 300ppi/dpi( TIFF or Hi-res JPEG preferred).If your designs are a mix of photography and design, make sure the embedded. Photographs used are above the recommended pixel sizes.

CMYK and/or Pantone matching system (PMS)

Colour needs to be set as CMYK not RGB (RGB artwork will be converted to CMYK and this could affect your colours). Always preview your work in CMYK where possible and use Pantone colour reference book (PMS) to ensure critical colours reproduction is correct. Let us know if the label is part of a FAMILY and we need to ensure colour consistency across the whole range. Contact us to arrange a product sample to be send in order to keep the colours consistent.


MIN. font size: 6 pt
Make sure text is at least 6 pt (2.12mm) - very small text can look good on screen but does not print well. Try to keep text in bold colours, made up of one or two inks only
(C, M, Y or K). When printing lines in a solid or dark colour, make sure they are no thinner than 0.5 pt. If you're using a lighter colour, we recommend 1pt.
Make sure all fonts are embedded or outlined,
If not - make sure you supply us with the fonts used.
If you require BARCODES to be produced make sure you leave enough space on the artwork to fit the BARCODE in and tell us the type of the BARCODE so we can generate it for you accordingly.
For example: minimum width of the box for EAN13 standard BARCODE type is about 29mm wide (80% BARCODE size)


1.5 mm BLEED - 1.5 mm SAFE AREA
It is essential that there is a minimum 1.5 mm bleed
around your artwork.This is for cutting purposes. make sure you extend your artwork accordingly. Try to place all important information within the safe area (1.5 mm away from the egde). If you want to include a cutter outline on your artwork,make it a SPOT COLOUR, make sure you name it "CUTTER" and pick a colour that stands out from the rest of the artwork.
Please do not include any PRINTER MARKS, COLOUR BARS or CROP MARKS.
If possible state the size and/or cutter shape on the artwork supplied.


Please indicate clearly on the artwork all the areas for VARNISHES, FOIL or WHITE INK. Make sure you use spot colours and name them accordingly, pick bright/contrasty colours (bright reds or yellows are best).
DON'T make WHITE INK "WHITE COLOUR" or VARNISH "TRANSPARENT" - we won't be able to see it...
State the level of OPACITY for WHITE INK, VARNISH and FOIL type - ask for samples or FOIL swatches reference book if not sure.


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