cosmetics Labels - Reel Label Solutions

If you’re selling cosmetics, then you understand better than anyone the importance of the right appearance.

It’s not just about looking good, it’s about feeling good, giving the correct impression, making the effort. The mindset of someone looking to buy a cosmetic product is that of someone concerned with making the right choice from an aesthetic point of view.

There are so many small-to-medium cosmetics manufactures in the UK, making products for the niche or mass markets, often using organic, ethically-sourced materials to reach markets that some of the ‘big boys’ in the industry might struggle to appeal to.

To make an impression on the shelf, these products – whether they come in tubs, tubes, pots or bottles, and whether they be lotions, shampoos or skin creams – need to feature labelling that stands out, that tells the right story and lets customers know what to expect inside.

For Reel Label Solutions, that means high resolution images and crystal-clear reproductions, without compromising on your production schedules.

Our digital labels are especially popular, particularly where smaller orders or fast turnaround times are required. Durable materials, custom shapes, wipe-clean, “no label” look, peel-and-read, waterproof or not – whatever criteria you use, the label you select needs to be able to withstand packaging, storage, delivery and life inside your customers’ medicine cabinets, all while looking great.